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About Us


More then 365 000+ People Were Helped

About Us


We’re worldwide non-profit charity organization.

We are a group of community-based organizations whose common goal is to serve the seniors in our communities to live with dignity and respect and ensure that they live a life worth living. Also, we train, support and offer apprenticeship programs to caregivers.

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OCHSO’s vision is threefold

Promote Senior Wellness

Providing excellent and accessible resources that improve the quality of life for seniors, their caregivers, and the community.

Enhance Senior Services

Responding to the changing needs of the seniors in the community through the incorporation of modern technological systems that are in line with our cause.

Educate and Empower

Providing innovative educational programs to the caregivers through training and apprenticeship to equip them with valuable skills that are needed to take care of the elderly.

Our Mission


We believe that we can save more lifes with you.

The mission of Omega Community Human Services Organization (OCHSO) is to provide high-quality health care and supportive services to enhance the wellbeing of underserved and homebound seniors, developmentally and intellectually disabled individuals, their caregivers, and the community we serve.

This will be achieved by incorporating technological systems relevant to our cause and collaborating with other partners offering services that are in line with our goals.

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Our Goal


Our short-term goal is to collaborate with other communities to provide the best care plan and services needed to help keep the seniors or the intellectually and developmentally disabled individuals healthy and living a happy life. We are a non-profit organization that is concerned with adding value to people's lives under our care. With the funds we get from grants and well-wishers, we will provide educational and valuable services to the people under our care.

 Our long-term goal is to establish ourselves as a global non-profit organization; committed to providing premium care services for the elderly and the developmentally and intellectually disabled individuals.

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